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in a
Good News Club?

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Child Evangelism Fellowship has a
three-fold purpose: 
to evangelize boys and
girls with the Gospel,
to disciple them in the Word, and to establish unchurched children in
a local Bible-teaching church for further
growth and service.


Child Evangelism Fellowship


...it is not my heavenly Father's will that even one

of these little ones should perish.
Matthew 18:14 (NLT)

Welcome to the Greater Clarksville Chapter

   We are a localized chapter of the world's largest evangelical ministry to children...we exist to help you and your church reach the children in your area with the Gospel.

   Child Evangelism Fellowship's (CEF) ministries include:

  • Good News Clubs in public school, daycare facilities and homes
  • Summer 5-Day Clubs in parks, apartment complexes and other places where children are
  • Training and equipping workers to share the Gospel with children in the church, at fairs and festivals, or anywhere the children are
Through these ministries, you and your church can effectively minister to the children and families in your community!

   The heartbeat of CEF is children...because they are:

  • The future leaders of our nation and world
  •  A major influence in today's society
  • The age group most receptive to the Gospel...statistics show that more than 85% of those who receive Christ do so by age 14

"Attempt something so great for God that it would be doomed to failure unless He be in it." - John Edmund Haggai

   That's what we do every day at CEF.  This task would be completely impossible without the power of God and the prayers of His people.

   God is ready to use us, has equipped us, and

has given us a generation of children ready and waiting to hear.

Will you be part of taking the message

of Jesus Christ to them?