When you give financially, your funds help in the overall work of this chapter to promote the ministry to enlist volunteers and train, equip and support the teams, including:

o Providing $3 million insurance policy for each in-school Good News Club

o Postage and printing for newsletters, brochures and other promotional items to keep ministry partners updated

o Supplies, equipment and other office expenses

o Curriculum and supplies for training team members and teaching clubs

o Payroll for one director (John is a volunteer) and one part-time office assistant

***Directors exclusively pay for the office (attached to their home), utilities, cell phones, etc. although they are utilized for the ministry.


 How can I give? Download information HERE.

o By ACH (Automatic Check Withdraw) from your bank account.  Please indicate the date you wish the withdrawal to occur (5th or 20th) and provide a voided check to the address below

o By credit card: Visa, MasterCard, America Express & Discover cards. Click HERE to donate

o By check: payable to CEF and delivered to:

Child Evangelism Fellowship, 1209 Southern Parkway, Clarksville, TN 37040


Is the chapter supported through other methods?  No.  Child Evangelism Fellowship is a faith-based ministry and all funds come exclusively through gifts of individuals, churches and funds raised.


Do you participate in Combined Federal Campaign? Yes!

o Fort Campbell/Western Kentucky Area CFC (including Montgomery & Stewart Counties)

o Tennessee Regional CFC (including the counties of Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, Robertson)

o Our CFC number is: 43498

All contributions are tax deductible.



Yes! Many volunteers and supporters are able to assist with business or personal resources.

Some examples:

o Jacob Vicars, owner of VPTechOnline donated his expertise to film videos for our fundraising banquet and is the creator of this website! 

o Cumberland Bank donates ACH fees.

o Chick-fil-A discounts box lunches for our trainings.

o First Baptist Clarksville, Awaken Church, Crossland Avenue Baptist Church & Excell Baptist Church donate meeting space for trainings.


Assist in a fundraiser or organize one yourself!

o Fundraising events are advertised through FaceBook, newsletters and word of mouth.

o Like to do a fundraiser for CEF with your church or other group? We’d be most appreciative!