Never buy a rare coin like that unless it's certified. I must say, I have not seen any fake pound coins in the three yeas I've been living back here. 5 replies; 457 views; powermad5000; December 15, 2020; Counterfeit 1799 Great Britain 1/2 Pennies By coinsandmedals, December 13, 2020. The advice above is enough to avoid most fakes. Just because technology is too complex. By Ngdawa, March 14, 2012 in Fake Coin Forums. I disagree, most experience world coin collector also read US coin forum and US coin forum have many experts. Math Help Forum. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. Hello, The UK is awash with fake coins, it was reported a few years back that 50% of uk £1 coins where possibly fake, even the powers that be gave up and accepted them as circulating money, the new £1 -12 sided security replacement coin 2 days after release there where reports of fakes turning up, there are fakes out there of every UK coin worth faking, the rare? Media. Current visitors. The coin was a modern struck counterfeit with the wrong silvery look. Forgery Network welcomes you as visitor making site hits. « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. CC Cafe - General Chat. NotSure Posts: 2,897 December 12, 2017 2:17PM. 65. Best way to avoid this is to not lure for high priced coins. i have a few that i like, and maybe someone here can add some that they like/know? fake £1 coins. WELL, HOLD ON!!!! People here have been very nice about commenting on coins as genuine or fake when folks post pictures. 5. posted 8 years ago. This set contains the £2 bill of rights coin and the £2 Claim of rights coin. hello all, can anyone tell me how do i write algorithm for fake coin problem.. fred rosenberger. It's super frustrating. Ancient Coin Forum; All Activity; Home ; Main Numismatic Forums ; Ancient Coin Forum ; fake coins? Fake Coin Forums ; Hawaiian coins Hawaiian coins. Judging from your response, you did not see the reason I posted this. revised August 15, 2015. A forum to discuss counterfeit coins. 2613 Posts. This being the more valuable coin in the set I take it it is a fake. Fake bills ....what about fake coins? Our List of Fake Ancient Coins Sellers on Ebay: 12cartagena 2015_situk 2015bgevang... 2015himmi 2rooks 465onanongstore Denant Grimstonian SAXBYS-COINS Savoca Coins aeternitas_numismatics alekzandra42 amarso66 amerika5516 ancientearth2006 ancient-treasures18 ancient17 ancient_kingdoms ancient_times ancient_treasures ancientauctions ancientcoinsandartefacts7807 … Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. The Lounge. The Authenication thread is very active and benefits from the active participation by a strong, experienced cadre of collectors, and some dealers, who have specialized knowledge about what seems to be every area of ancients, including non-western … Sites with information and advice. Here is some good advice that will help you avoid fakes. Richard S. Cooper Some have asked about my images I use and I'm glad to say, you can now you can see the DVD in sections on youtube: 1. @kavren said in Checking for fake coin (crashing): Still having this issue of crashing to desktop in the "checking for fake coin" loading segment. Community. Share your experiences, get feedback from other members, etc. Main Coin Forum Discussions that are not coin specific, such as subjects like cleaning, insuring, or storing coins. it would depend on the specific fake coin problem you are trying to solve. Fake. Punit Jain. Physics Help. If the seller refuses to stop the auction or change the description, write to the administrators of the auction site. this one is the real cracker. Categories ; Discussions; Activity; Best Of... Sign In; Home › U.S. Very recently, I was told about this scam "fake old coins" by a guest in and around Galle fort.If you happen to show too much interest about dutch history in Galle, you might bump in to a person who may offer very old dutch period coins. Die events, One of a kind errors 4. I don't know if this is my end, or a server side problem. And it had an Oval-O mintmark to boot. Any help in determining both factors would be immensely appreciated. fake coin problem . By: Search Advanced search… New posts. Two coins struck moments a part of the same set of die can have different centering, flan shapes and striking quality and two as identical as these fake Corinthian staters made in permanent molds, is next to impossible. Forums. 1942 Tombac Nickel Just Purchased; 1956-D Quarter Found In Change! Is fake 5 peso coins an issue elsewhere in philippines or its just down here in the wild south? New media New comments Search media. Thread starter Levo-Lon; Start … Forum discussing fake coins, counterfeits, replicas. If it is a hobby not a gamble don't invest too much money. Plus this is not about world coin question it is about fake coin in third party holder that everyone should be aware of it. Menu Log in Register Forums. Search titles only ., the independent forgery database to help you authenticate coins, numismatic, antiquities, stamps and collectable items. As for old coins we already have such fakes.. Home. To participate in the forum you must log in or register. Fake Coins On EBay. I am confused... Report this Post to the Staff . This guy just sold a fake 1909 S VDB in a fake holder on Ebay. Naked Science Forum; General Discussion & Feedback; Just Chat! Quick Links: Collectors Corner | PCGS | PSA | PSE | | CU | Coinflation. solidusman 0 Posted August 1, 2012. solidusman. 161 0. i think that most of you people are smart enough to find the first part, a piece of cake. Share Followers 0. Share Followers 0. these are fake coins and do not buy. I believe they bought the coin North of Seattle. Report this Post to the Staff : Replies: 14 / Views: 848 : All Forums Category: US Coins and Currency Forums Forum: US Classic and Colonial Coins . Algebra Pre-Calculus Geometry Trigonometry Calculus Advanced Algebra Discrete Math Differential Geometry Differential Equations Number Theory Statistics & Probability Business Math Challenge Problems Math Software. Views and opinions expressed in these forums are the author's, and do not necessarily represent those of Coin People forum. Is there some type of support i can get for this problem? Sign In Register. This guy just sold a fake 1909 S VDB in a fake holder on Ebay. 1) There are many criminal fake sellers who use eBay. There are some amazing fakes that are posted here periodically. General Discussion. Heres the link. If you see a fake coin on ebay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the seller. View Last 100 New Topics . 5 Replies; 3206 Views; 0 Tags; 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. lowercase baba Posts: 12948. New posts. Coin Forum. We've had fake pound coins in Liverpool for well over a decade! Fake bills ....what about fake coins? Forums . Real or Fake Spanish Colonial Coin I’m not sure what the value of this coin would be or even if it’s genuine. Toggle navigation. Log in Register. Excellent resources about fakes and their sellers have been compiled over several years and are presented on the forum ancient coin site. A good way to check is to compare the noise made by tapping it against a real pound coin - the noise is significantly different to two real pound coins being hit together. Fake coins Thread starter [email protected] Start date May 5, 2005; May 5, 2005 #1 [email protected] 270 0. there are alot of these fake coin/find it in three weighings etc problems. Search. Views and opinions expressed in these forums are the author's, and do not necessarily represent those of Coin People forum. Register. 5 replies; 83 views; coinsandmedals; December 14, … Members. How to avoid buying fake ancient coins. Menu problem of coins and fake coin. And too easy to find that out. What's new. I didn't like sharing this view with the owners and hoped they could get their money back. 1. New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. The premier site to identify forgeries, fake reproduction and counterfeit coins. I saw a fake 1886-O $1 in a "PCGS MS-64" holder at the Willamette Coin Club-PNNA show in Portland in Late October. The Bill of Rights £2 coin comes up at the expected 16g but the Claim of right coin comes up at 17.9g. So called errors, Coin information 5. Fake bills ....what about fake coins? United States. Of course, when I say inexpensive coins, I mean low value/rarity coins and not a $400 coin you found for $40. Fake coin #2 Thread starter vikasj007; Start date Jul 4, 2004; Jul 4, 2004 #1 vikasj007. Heres the link. @jt88 said: @ms70 said: You will … I like... posted 8 years ago. There are some facebook groups and guys bidding for coins. Don't forget China made US fake coin also show up in PCGS fake/holder . Member; 117; Activity: 0%. Intro, older coins, toned coins 2. I don't think we gonna see indistinguishable fakes for proof modern coins and bullion coins made by Perth Mint for example. Pillar of the Community. It was simply posted as a reminder that fake coins will probably become more prevalent as the price of gold increases. That's all. Check the seller's name against the regularly updated Fake Sellers list on Forum Ancient Coins. Ranch Hand Posts: 1139. Chemistry Help. Two Responses: First, there is no Coin or Numi Forum Here. The Lounge. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. BigSilver. Forums. let's see how good are you at this one. It is illegal to sell fake coins in most countries without clearly describing them as such. Continue if you want more details and web sites. Forum: Programming Diversions. Second: I didn't write that---The Author, whom I cited did. Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous number of fake £1 coins? Being an untrusting sort of person I have put both the coins on the scales. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. fake coins? that was just the warming up session. To me a fake coin should be stamped like this one: That way no one will think it is real. goofkid (OP) Sr. I can get in about 20% to #30% of the time, though. Many sellers with fakes actually say the coins are fake (copy, reproduction, replica) in the descriptions, but the admission may not be prominent and is often near the very end (so they can claim to be honest, but buyers might miss it). Quick Links . Doubled dies 3. General Discussion. Forums. There are fake bidders to increase the price and the coins may also be fake. I have seen several dozen of this exact fake all this identical and any time you see two ancient coins this close there is reason for suspicion. Forums Login. fake; carthaginian; provincial; By solidusman, August 1, 2012 in Ancient Coin Forum. Posted 12/03/2020 11:36 pm When it comes to Chinese coins, it is often the case, that the knowledge of LCS proprietors is limited. Forum discussing fake coins, counterfeits, replicas. ... 1955 DDO NOT SURE FAKE OR REAL NEED FEED BACK By Dontredonme, November 21, 2019. What's new Search. Please post here if you have also found fake Indian coins and note 12,784: 222,735: Today 42M ago petef7365 "Post Your..." Gallery Topics This forum is for all the gallery type topics such as "Post your baseball coins" etc.