Ultimately, it is Bangkok’s largest and oldest monastery, the city’s first university, and contains the most Buddha images and the largest reclining Buddha in the country. Photo about Reclining Buddha statue in Wat Lokaya Sutharam temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. This massage is one of their oldest creations. Gardens outside the Temple. It already existed before King Rama I ( They are in different colors (green, white, yellow, blue respectively for the Phra Maha Chedi dedicated to the Kings Rama I, II, III and IV). The temple was a center for knowledge and study about traditional Thai medicine. One of the reasons is because some of the ashes of King Rama I are enshrined in this temple. responsiveVoice.cancel(); }; After getting all the long walks of all the temple, if you are feeling exhausted or out of your tune, you might consider getting a Thai massage. Explore Bangkok's vibrant street life, hotels, shopping malls, temples and delicious food, while learning about its history and culture. Make your Thai Massage studies in Thailand a success story. Wat Pho Bangkok. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ The school's masseuse may not have the most experienced and the environment the most calming, but the fact of being located in Wat Pho is remarkable. responsiveVoice.speak("วัดโพธาราม", "Thai Female"); So, murals, paintings, plaques and marble tablets were made with precious information, and are well preserved until today. }; But why visit? By Google Arts & Culture. responsiveVoice.cancel(); It was a conscious effort by King Rama III and Thai scholars to preserve and make them visible to the public with the ultimate aim in general education on cultural heritage, diversity and civilizations.”. If you never got a chance of experiencing a Thai massage before, this place is an ideal point to get it. Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School. Located on Rattanakosin Island ( Sprawled out over 80,000 square meters, this temple will take up a few hours of your day. 4 large pagodas in the original site of Wat Pho were built to honor the first 4 kings of the current Chakri Dynasty. responsiveVoice.cancel(); The buildings of the chapels are also a piece of art in themselves. }; It amazes me how stupid or ignorant some people are. Built on the site of another temple (an Ayuttaya era temple named Wat Photharam), Wat Pho has been extended and renovated several times and is now recognised by UNESCO in its Memory of the World programme. Wat Pho , also spelled Wat Po, is a Buddhist temple complex in the Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand. responsiveVoice.speak("พระรามที่ 1", "Thai Female"); King Rama I, later enlarged the temple so that statues that were recovered from Ayutthaya in 1801 could be placed in the temple. By continuing using this site we assume that you are fine with it. They have various types of message, foot message and body message. Wat Phois one of Thailand’s must-visit tourist attractions. Wat Pho is home to Bangkok's 46-meter (150-feet) long golden reclining Buddha statue, one of the most sacred Buddhist relics in Thailand. If you did any research whatsoever about the places and culture you were visiting, you would have to know the customs at these temples. This eBook is specifically designed to support and guide you with your choice of studying Thai Massage in the Land of Smiles. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Discovering Bangkok is aiming to bring you information and recommendations to make your trip to Bangkok more enjoyable and profitable. Check your, All rights reserved. Massage treatments are offered to tourists for a fee. วัดโพธาราม). Wat Pho was one of the first places that Gary and Michelle Ford took us during our visit to Bangkok, to help us get a feel of the culture of the city. This eBook is specifically designed to support and guide you with your choice of studying Thai Massage in the Land of Smiles. The most famous and most prominent of the chedis at Wat Pho, are those dedicated to the four first Kings of the Chakri dynasty. bb4.onclick = function(){ massage at Wat Pho is a historic site which identify Thai culture, original tradition, ancient customs and Thai life styles. bb7.onclick = function(){ bb2.onclick = function(){ Wat Pho ( Details: Admission is 20 Baht and the temple is opened from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. (but closed for 1 … A pictorial encyclopedia on granite plates has been inscribed, covering eight categories: medicine, history, health, customs, literature, proverbs, lexicography, and Buddhism. Wat Pho, long a traditional centre of learning, has often been considered the city’s first university; it is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok. Here, you can find the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, being the reclining Buddha the main attraction point of this temple. The remaining 95 pagodas are spread out in the main chapel area. This is located inside the Wat Pho area, so foreigners have to buy a ticket to Wat Pho (200 THB) to enter this. After the city of Ayutthaya was destroyed by the Burmese invaders in 1767, King Taksin moved the capital to Thonburi, and later, in 1782, King Rama I moved the capital across the river to Bangkok and built the Grand Palace adjacent to Wat Pho. Each of the four Phra Maha Chedi is about 41 metres high. responsiveVoice.speak("เกาะรัตนโกสินทร์", "Thai Female"); bb5.onclick = function(){ if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ He then ordered the construction and renovation of the old temple grounds of Wat Pho, with the purpose that the temple would function as a repository of medical knowledge that had been destroyed, or never registered. The Buddha is 15 meters tall which makes this piece of art precede over all the others. It was extended, with significant restorations, during the reign of Rama III (1824-1851) and was restored in 1982. Your trip to Bangkok’s old town will not be completed without a visit to Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Bhudda, built on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in the 16 th century; Wat Pho is probably the most well-known temple in Bangkok. As it is the place that gathered, registered, and now protects and helps to disseminate so much traditional knowledge, it remains until today the center of education of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage. วัดพระเชตุพน) for short, is more commonly known as solely Wat Pho, that is a contraction of its former name Wat Photaram ( Andrea Nguyen, the author of the indispensable Into the … }; Don't miss it :). Rome2rio makes travelling from Wat Pho to National Museum of African American History and Culture easy. }else{ A unique and all-inclusive eGuide with the best known, lesser known, most popular, and absolute top Thai Massage trainers and training courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand. เกาะรัตนโกสินทร์), just south of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho which its official name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan ( The practice of inscribing traditional medicinal knowledge on the walls of the temples started from this period. The reclining golden statue of Buddha attracts many visitors to explore this awesome place. Image of park, culture, buddhism - 138544563 }; But for all its historic importance, its impressive architecture and amazing amount of information and details about Thailand, Buddhism and Traditional Medicine, it is without a doubt worth a visit. }else{ These inscriptions with texts and illustrations are displayed around the temple. Most of the Reusi Datton (Thai Yoga) statues we see all over the temple grounds, depicting a yogi in many different positions, were also made in that period. Copyright© 2018-2021 by. It is on Rattanakosin Island, directly south of the Grand Palace. Wat Pho is another must-see Bangkok Culture attraction and also the oldest Buddhist temple in Bangkok built in the 17th century. วัดโพธิ์) is one of the places in Bangkok that are very important from the historical point of view. bb3.onclick = function(){ They use yoga and many other therapeutic components and this massage not only relieves stress but also makes you more energetic. Known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, its official name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan (Thai: วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร; pronounced [wát pʰráʔ tɕʰê:t.tù.pʰon wíʔ.mon.maŋ.kʰlaː.raːm râːt.tɕʰá.wɔː.ráʔ.má.hǎː.wíʔ.hǎːn]). Wat Pho complex houses the largest collection of pagodas in Thailand, with a total of 99 pagodas. In the mid 19th century prior to the introduction of modern medicine, it served as a medical education center and today the temple continues being a center of traditional medicine where there is still a private Thai school established in 1957. Thai massage classes at Wat Pho has been undertaken by foreigners from 135 different countries. It also helped us to quickly get accustomed to the heat, because it was definitely hot that day. }; This Thai massage at Wat Pho is an interesting historic site where is associated with the first Return to Bangkok or Pattaya enriched by the ancient Khmer culture and architecture. Thereafter, the name of the temple was changed from Wat Potaram to Wat Pho. The reclining Buddha has feet that have a size of 5 meters which makes it look like it has been forged into the building. }else{ The temple is the first on Thailand’s list of the temples recognized as having the highest grade of the first-class royal temples. Over two days, explore some of Cambodia’s most-celebrated temple ruins - including national icon Angkor Wat, and take a boat to visit the floating villages of Tonle Sap lake. Wat Pho: temple of the reclining Buddha and massage school, Grand Palace: a must-see sight for all the travel geeks, Wat Arun: the temple of dawn at the bank of Chao Phraya River, Wat Yannawa: the ship temple from the Ayutthaya Kingdom, Wat Hua Lamphong: the coffin temple from the Rattanakosin Kingdom, Loha Prasat: the metal castle inside Wat Ratchanatdaram. The current site of the temple used to house the temple of Wat Phodharam. bb6.onclick = function(){ พระรามที่ 4) and since then there hadn’t been any significant changes to Wat Pho except for the continuous process of repairing work. Wat Pho – Temple of the Reclining Buddha Posted by sasha on Jan 12, 2017 in Culture, History, Travel One of the most famous and impressive temples in Bangkok is Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์ wát poh ). The 108 prosperous characters of Buddha are represented by 108 bronze bowls in the hallway, where visitors drop coins believing this will return them in good wealth and prosperity, but if that doesn’t work, these coins make a nice ringing voice when they drop. responsiveVoice.speak("วัดพระเชตุพน", "Thai Female"); BANGKOK CULTURE. In 2011 these marble illustrations and inscriptions – the “Epigraphic Archives of Wat Pho” – were registered in UNESCO’S Memory of the World Programme to promote, preserve and propagate the wisdom of the world heritage. Published October 4, 2018 | Updated July 20, 2020, You will receive an email with a confirmation request. This temple was originally old temple from Ayutthaya period called Wat Photharam. Locals came here to study and practice traditional medicine, as well as traditional Thai massage, as it was one of the first public universities in Thailand. Wat Pho has a total of three names: Wat Pho, Wat Phra Chetun, and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. } Ancient Siam: the world’s largest outdoor museum, Experience a Chao Phraya river cruise by day, Fun and engaging open-air activities at Lumphini Park, Wat Ratchabophit: the temple of the top 3 Thai monks, Wat Pathum: a refuge in the Bangkok’s shopping district, Wat Mahathat: the temple of the Great Relic, MBK Center: the legendary Bangkok’s shopping mall, CentralWorld: a whole day shopping experience, The Athenee Hotel: on the grounds of former Kandhavas Palace, The Okura Prestige: joining Japanese hospitality and Thai culture, Nahm: a modern take on traditional Thai cuisine, Hard Rock Cafe: dining with live music in Bangkok, Blue Elephant: Royal Thai cuisine and cooking school. } Wat Pho is the oldest temple in the whole of Bangkok. People that come here are here mainly for the Reclining Buddha, although the Wat Pho complex has many spots that are important from a religious and historical point of view: Wat Pho was also meant to provide a place of knowledge for the general public. This website uses cookies. Being one of Bangkok’s oldest temples, Wat Pho in fact existed before Bangkok was established as the capital by King Rama I. Wat Pho. Still working today, but nowadays operating in a building outside the temple grounds (for foreigners, at least), the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School is highly renowned worldwide. The highly impressive gold plated reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, and is designed to illustrate the passing of the Buddha into nirvana. } if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ Feast your eyes on this image from the 1800s as you wonder about the process of its creation. }else{ Wat Pho is also home to a Thai massage school – and you can get a Thai massage or foot massage right on the temple grounds! In fact, the temple is older than Bangkok itself as it was in existence when Thailand was still in Ayutthaya, in the 17 th century. Book your tickets online for Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School, Bangkok: See 2,216 reviews, articles, and 402 photos of Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School, ranked No.21 on Tripadvisor among 276 attractions in Bangkok. May 11, 2014 - Beautiful temple "Wat Pho" , Reclining Buddha, Thai Massage Ooops!! พระรามที่ 1) established Bangkok as the capital of Thailand. Its official name is the unpronounceable “Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn” but, luckily for us, everything and everyone in Thailand has a nickname, which in this case is simply Wat Po (also written Wat Pho). So you can be sure you are getting a genuine experience of Thai message. responsiveVoice.speak("วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร", "Thai Female"); Make your Thai Massage studies in Thailand a success story! The name reclining Buddha comes from the position of this statue in the temple, it is placed in such a way that it looks like the Buddha is leaning over. responsiveVoice.cancel(); The Wat Pho Thai school of Thai traditional medicine and massage is the first Thai school authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education. Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, classified as a first class royal temple same as Wat Arun or Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple) and is very famous for the huge Reclining Buddha. Although there are many other options to look for in the complex, the reclining Buddha is the most visited and most liked piece in the whole temple. Wat Pho. Wat Pho is one of Bangkok's oldest temples. Wat Pho is one of just six temples across Thailand to be awarded the distinctive honour of a first-class royal temple. Wat Pho is considered the first Thailand University and Thai Massage Center. But that was okay. The reclining Buddha is a 46-meter long statue which is covered in gold leaf which makes this statue so amusing to watch. In 1982, before the Bangkok bicentenary, the temple was restored again. Wat Phra Chetuphon, or Wat Pho, is Bangkok's oldest, largest and most famous temple; 'The Temple of the Reclining Buddha' houses one of the largest reclining Buddhas in Thailand. Bangkok is awaiting you to discover it! The temple is also known as Thailand's first university and the center of traditional Thai massage. responsiveVoice.cancel(); responsiveVoice.cancel(); Wat Pho Despite only being a short walk from the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is often overlooked by tourists eager to tick off ‘experience culture’ from their Bangkok to-do list. He also continued with King Rama I’s project of rescuing lost traditional knowledge of Thai Medicine and turned the temple complex into Thailand’s first University. Other than Reclining Buddha there are also 394 of the gilded Buddha images which are sitting in a lotus position and they are also made of gold. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. There are many inscriptions and illustrations placed in various buildings around the temple complex. As stated in UNESCO’S website: “The Epigraphic Archives of Wat Pho (Temple of the Bodhi Tree) in Bangkok is a unique collection of 1,431 stone inscriptions in Thai language and scripts made in 1831-1841 on both religious and secular subjects, representing a wide range of Thai knowledge of Asian and local roots of the time in the context of over five centuries of global exchanges in trade, politics and culture. See more ideas about Wat pho, Reclining buddha, Thai massage. Master craftsmen and experts in many subjects were called in to gather and share their knowledge about Thai Traditional Healing, Buddhism, and historical facts that mainly existed only in oral tradition, to be recorded in a written format. In 1832, King Rama III began renovating and enlarging the temple complex, and most of the temples and buildings that we see now at the Wat Pho temple grounds were either built or rebuilt in this period, including the chapel of the reclining Buddha. responsiveVoice.speak("วัดโพธิ์", "Thai Female"); So it is no surprise that the first school of Thai Medicine and Massage approved by the Thai Ministry of Education was established there as early as 1955. The classrooms for Thai traditional massage and herbal massage are held in two pavilions at the eastern side of the Wat Pho complex. Chedis of Wat Pho } Some serve clearly as instructions for Thai massage therapists such as the plaques with the front and the back of a human body, showing acupressure points and energy lines, known in Thailand as Sen Lines. Over the centuries Wat Pho has undergone substantial renovations and enlargement, particularly during the reign of King Rama I. As most people interested in Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine already know, Wat Po is a Buddhist temple complex in the heart of Bangkok. It lies to the south of the Grand Palace, which was built in 1782. It is manned by trainees of the Wat Pho message school, which is where Thai message originated. Its official name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn. The name translates to 'Temple of the Reclining Buddha', and refers to the monastery of the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India where the Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. that's often served with bean sprouts and other fresh herbs on the side Photo by Discovering Bangkok. That is the reason why this massage is a must-have if you are visiting this temple; it will make you forget the world. An unbiased, clear, and comprehensive reference guide covering the genital massage industry, genital massage modalities, and the best known treatment and training providers in Thailand. Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it houses the largest collection of Buddha statues and images in the whole of Thailand, no small feat. The temple originally was called Wat Photaram, in remembrance of the monastery where it is thought that Buddha had achieved enlightenment. The long tradition of culture and massage schooling creates a unique experience and environment of a ancestral and relative quiet communal massage experience. } Well worth it. Thereafter the temple was renovated consecutively until the reign of King Rama IV ( If it’s the best place to learn Thai massage in Thailand, or even the best place to get a Thai massage treatment, remains to be a matter of private choice. Wat Pho (Wat Po) Wat Pho is the home of the largest reclining Buddha. Thai massage courses that take place in Wat Pho, may extend from a couple of weeks to 1 year. ]There were massive people on the the outside grounds of Wat Pho when we arrived, perhaps due to this temple’s huge popularity among tourists. It is possible to receive a rejuvenating massage here. } Nikhil Yadav, 28, from New Delhi, India said he too came to the temple after reading online that Wat Pho is an ideal place to visit to get insight into Thai culture and Buddhism. Inside the temple complex you can still get a Thai massage treatment (as many tourists do), as well as participate in a free daily Reusi Dat Ton class (a fact rather unknown by tourists). You are in safe hands because they have been doing this for a long time now and it’s the best therapeutic massage that you will ever get. Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it houses the largest collection of Buddha statues and images in … These lines and points, which are used in Traditional Thai Massage until today, are engraved on the human figures, with explanations of their therapeutic use written in Thai on the sides. The older temple is thought to have been built or expanded during the reign of King Phetracha (1688–1703), although precise information is still unknown. bb1.onclick = function(){ Recently, a new set of Reusi Datton statues were made to replace the old ones which were damaged or stolen. You will definitely get amazed while scouting this expansive image. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ Adjacent to the building is a small elevated garden (Missakawan Park) with a Chinese-style pavilion; The core of the garden is a bodhi tree that is supposed to initially come from an Indian tree where the Buddha was sitting waiting for enlightenment. Entrance fee is 50 Baht (~USD 1.50) per person. These will identify the identity of cultural arts: Thai massage at Wat Pho. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ History of Wat Pho. Wat Pho is the birthplace of a traditional art of Thai massage. [2014 Update: Entrance fee has increased to 100 Baht (~USD 3) per person effective August 2013, but remains to be affordable. Since its creation, pho has always reflected the cultural, political, and socioeconomic changes in Vietnam. responsiveVoice.cancel(); The more commonly known name, Wat Pho, is a contraction of its ol… Wat Pho is one of Bangkok’s most ancient temples. One of the biggest attractions of Wat Pho is the fact it is a center of Thai traditional medicine, particularly, traditional Thai massage. Wat Pho is indeed your temple of many firsts. As most people interested in Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine already know, Wat Po is a Buddhist temple complex in the heart of Bangkok. Construction of the current temple began in 1788, on the site of an older temple, Wat Phodharam, Wat Pho, which is a contraction of its former name. }else{ }else{ วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร), Wat Phra Chetuphon ( Wander around until you get to the Phra Phuttha Saiyat, a 46 meter long and 15 meter high reclining Buddha. Firstly, it is the oldest temple in Thailand and is also home to the country’s most important school of medicine and traditional massage. responsiveVoice.speak("พระรามที่ 4", "Thai Female"); }else{ } Although the highlight of visiting Wat Pho is the Reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long covered with gold leaf, do not miss a chance to loosen up your body with traditional Thai massage seeing Wat Pho is Thailand’s famous institute for traditional Thai massage. Devote some time to admire the amazing artefacts which serve as a symbol of devotion. }; Wat Pho is an iconic landmark of Bangkok that is on everyone’s bucket list; a perfect place to visit during your vacation in the city of angels even on a short trip. With many of the popular sites in Thailand, Wat Pho Bangkok is one of the famous heritage attractions. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){