When you give financially, your funds help in the overall work of this chapter to promote the ministry to enlist volunteers and train, equip and support the teams, including:

o Providing $3 million insurance policy for each in-school Good News Club

o Postage and printing for newsletters, brochures and other promotional items to keep ministry partners updated

o Supplies, equipment and other office expenses

o Curriculum and supplies for training team members and teaching clubs

o Payroll for one full time director (John is a volunteer) and one part-time admin assistant.  Because the work continues to grow, more staff will need to be added to most effectively handle the needs of this ministry.

***Directors exclusively pay for the office (attached to their home), utilities, cell phones, etc. although they are utilized for the ministry.


 How can I give? Download information HERE.

o By ACH (Automatic Check Withdraw) from your bank account.  Please indicate the date you wish the withdrawal to occur (5th or 20th) and provide a voided check to the address below

o By credit card: Visa, MasterCard, America Express & Discover cards. Click HERE to donate

o By check: payable to CEF and delivered to:

Child Evangelism Fellowship, 1209 Southern Parkway, Clarksville, TN 37040


Is the chapter supported through other methods?  No.  Child Evangelism Fellowship is a faith-based ministry and all funds come exclusively through gifts of individuals, churches and funds raised.



All contributions are tax deductible.



Yes! Many volunteers and supporters are able to assist with business or personal resources.

Some examples:

o Jacob Vicars, owner of VPTechOnline donated his expertise to film videos for our fundraising banquet and is the creator of this website! 

o Cumberland Bank donates ACH fees.

o Chick-fil-A discounts box lunches for our trainings.

o First Baptist Clarksville, Awaken Church, Crossland Avenue Baptist Church, Excell Baptist Church & Hilldale Baptist Church donate meeting space for trainings.