Are there other ways I can serve, if I cannot serve in a club? – Yes!


Pray: Prayer is the foundation for all we do, and prayer warriors are vital to our ministry. Please pray for the children, the clubs, our volunteers and leaders who give their time and talents to minister to the children.

Prayers are needed to help fight the battles of:

o   Souls to be saved

o   Needs to be supplied

o   Churches to sponsor the clubs

o   Committed volunteers to step up

o   Schools and other venues to be open to having clubs

 Prayers bind the enemy and help keep our eyes firmly focused on God and His plan. We are so very grateful for those who regularly pray for the children and this entire ministry!

If you are interested in joining the Prayer Team please click HERE.


Serve on the Committee: Each CEF chapter has a committee of 12-17 people that:

o   Give accountability and direction to the overall work of the chapter

o   Actively help share the ministry with others

o   Help gather the needed resources (people, finances and other ministry needs)

o   Brainstorm problem areas and more

In addition, the committee meets one evening each month to pray and plan. Perhaps God might use your business and/or ministry expertise in this indispensable and much needed area.





Help With a Club Without Attending: Each club is staffed by volunteers, so needs will differ by club.

Some needs might be:

o Praying and emailing the children’s prayer requests

o Donating money or shopping for supplies

o Helping with paperwork

o Watching the younger children of those serving at club


Contact us to see how your willing hands might be used for a specific club, even if you cannot attend.

Everybody can do something to help reach the children!


Host a Good News Club in Your Home or Other Location:

o   Perhaps the neighborhood or apartment complex you live in has children, and you could host a club there.

o  Perhaps you work at a preschool, daycare or other place where children are, and you could help open the door to teaching children about Jesus in that venue.

o   Good News Club can be held practically anywhere!






Share this “Best Kept Secret” with others! There are many ways that you can help share this ministry:

o Speak about this opportunity at your church

o Present CEF in your Bible study groups

o Tell your pastor about the opportunity to go into the schools

o Help share at our booth at a fair or festival

o Share with your family, neighbors, coworkers and friends

o Basically, put the word out to anybody and everybody in your circle of influence!

We are happy to equip you with information, brochures and such, and are also happy to come share anywhere we are invited.